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Originating from England, this creature can be found hunting in the wilds of Europe for any scraps of British cuisine it can find. Though bad tempered, it can be tamed quickly and hassle free with biscuits.

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Jan 19 '14

I started freaking out at work the other day because the Queen will die one day and no longer be on the money and it’ll be someone else’s face and that’s just WEIRD. Also, referring to it as the UQ, United Queendom, while we still can.

Sep 1 '13

Tea and cricket (and wasps!) in Stansted Park.

More pics from Stansted House

Aug 12 '13


a powerpoint on english sweets

I think Americans do/can get some of this, but I also want to say that I’ve had an American Cadbury’s product and it tasted like balls. Someone suggested something about temperatures and cooling points and chocolate being made differently because of some weather shit. But even malteasers taste weird abroad. Never got a good bag in Europe. The UK is keeping the good shit to itself. Well done, old boy.

Jul 15 '13

French Co-workers watching the British staff…..

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Jun 30 '13
Jun 22 '13

Dear Tumblr,

Hello there, I’m British. It’s all right being British, but I’m English which is occasionally worse. But I have come to appreciate my nationality a lot more since travelling, if only because I genuinely and affectionately miss queues.

Anyway. I’m here to tell you that I am learning geography from an American. Because, you know what, you guys get a lot of stick. You do deserve it a lot of the time, but who doesn’t? Really.

The fact is, you don’t know what’s outside America/The US. But hell, who of us knows what the fuck is IN America/The US. I have made so many stupid comments in my life, I’m not ashamed to say I used to assume California and New York were close. And that New York was probably the Capital. So I’m not going to judge you for a lack of European geography because 1, I can barely handle the geography of England let alone the continent we vaguely claim to be a part of and 2, I don’t know SHIT about all your stuff going on over there with places and stuff.

And yes, you simplify the language. But, as a result you have fewer problems with dyslexia. Still loads, I imagine because English. But fewer. Because fuck it, some guy didn’t go ‘OMGZ LIEK ‘HONOUR’ HOW DO YOU EVEN’ someone said ‘omg like, do we even need that U?’. It might have had something to do with the printing press too. Maybe I should have used the ize thing as an example. Whatever.

Yes, you change the language. So fucking what. It gives us something to talk about and debate, it gives your kids a 0.0003% of being better at spelling. And vocabulary? A lot of the major differences are either that you use older vocabulary or you use brand new shiny business and technological vocabulary as the world advances. WE CHANGE THE LANGUAGE TOO.

I do, however, painfully and passionately disagree with you translating books. Seriously. What the fuck is that about? Adopt, adapt and improve. It hasn’t ruined our lives, it won’t ruin yours. The day I sat down for twenty minutes trying to work out why women were talking about being naked in the woods and fanny packs were twenty of the most visual of my life.
 I thank you for that, America.

Funny story. Americans are more confused about British vocab than the British are about American vocab. However, the British are sometimes more confused by American grammar. The Present Perfect is a glorious bastard.

In conclusion: America, I will still mock you. You are still a nation of crazy ASS (arse sounds wrong in this context) mofos. But you’re all right. You’re no more linguistically wronger than anyone else. Do what you do, let’s enjoy our differences. Be proud to be American. If you have to do it loudly and aggressively well…. I guess that’s what makes you you. Slightly annoying. But not such a bad kid.

May 14 '13



high tide and low tide in great britain. photographs by michael marten


Jan 3 '13


Things I do at 2AM .. Paint Great Britain with tea…..

this is possibly the most British thing I have seen in my entire life



Things I do at 2AM .. Paint Great Britain with tea…..

this is possibly the most British thing I have seen in my entire life

Oct 1 '12

The queen is the most bad ass Bond girl ever.

I wish the Queen’s Speech had a little more action in it.

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Sep 19 '12




This is Larry.

He’s employed by the UK gov. to catch mice in 10 Downing Street.

His official title is Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office

Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

I love the UK

larry for prime minister

But I’m not sure Cameron’s up to catching mice….. Can we borrow Mitt(ens) Romney to be the new mouser? Junior Mouser.